How To Use The Revolution Slider Plugin 5.4 – FULL TUTORIAL 2018

Want To Learn How To Use The Slider Revolution, than this tutorial will help you master the slider revolution plugin For wordpress!
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The Revolution Slider is the #1 selling wordpress slider. The Revolution Slider has tons of features which allows your to create any kind of slider for your wordpress website. In this slider revolution tutorial, i run you through most of the options of the slider. We will create 3 sliders, in addition to create sliders for wordpress, i run you through the settings and options to help you create an amazing slider. I than go through mobile optimization to help you create a responsive slider that works on all devices!

You can also purchase the slider revolution templates here:

Here are the timestamps for the slider revolution tutorial:

7:41 – Setting Up The Sliders
11:33 – Adding Text To Sliders
14:00 – How To Add Line Height
19:30 – Adding Shapes And Labels
25:42 – Text Optimizations
27:35 Adding Buttons To Your Slider
36:22 – Setting up Links
43:16 – Setting Up Animations For Your Images
44:50 – Adding Objects to your slider
53:00 – Filters For Slider
57:20 – Timing Objects
1:03:27 Finishing the second slider
1:09:20: – the Ken Burns Effect
1:12:12 – Mobile Optimization For Slider
1:14:22 – Setting Up A Video Slider
1:18:10 – General Settings For Plugin
1:22:30 – Slider Animation
1:26:05 – Extras For The Slider Revolution

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45 thoughts on “How To Use The Revolution Slider Plugin 5.4 – FULL TUTORIAL 2018

  1. Hey there, in 25.50 min you are changing the width of the text box and text stays in the box while you change the size of the box, anyone knows why text on my slider still goes above the box even though i do the same as on the tutorial?

  2. Is there a way to change where the background crops for mobile and tablet or will it always choose the center of the background. My main focus is slightly offset so it cuts off one of their faces…

  3. This is rubbish, you should explain how to add a video inside an image, for example, place the image of a cell phone and that the video be reproduced within the area of the screen of the image of the cell phone.

  4. Hey Derrel, Great content. Thanks for taking the time to produce such a thorough tutorial!
    Some constructive criticism – when you give a practical demonstration of something you've just described, your explanation of what's actually happening is very vague and not very descriptive. I would encourage you to go back through and position yourself as someone who has no knowledge of the terminology and is looking for understandable language for what you are demonstrating. Your tutes are great. But they could be more helpful for more people with a bit more clarity.

  5. hi guys, i can't seem to move my text or another object. i tried to drag them by the edge of the line height but its still not working. any solution?

  6. OMG my brain is about to burst! But I'm going to purchase it. I hope the Slider6 isn't too different. I'll use your link always 🙂 I'll be watching this video over and over! THANK YOU for breaking it down to segments…. that is SOOOOO HELPFUL!!! <3

  7. Great video Darrel:) What's the best to buy slider revolution plugin or buy a premium theme ex Jupiter including the plugin? Have you tried Jupiter theme? I like astra pro and elementor but now I would like to add Slider Revolution:)

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  9. thank you Darrel like always very useful tutorial i just began to use and to grasp slider revolution like a big man thanks a million god bless

  10. there are no background image in my object library. please can anyone help me out on how to add them? worst part is i can't find a place where i can add any. i only make use of my media lib

  11. Dude this plug-in way too glitchy for being a paid plugin and the "#1 ultimate slider king of the world plug in". Loved the utility and scope of it. But I can't have my business website glitching out. Its a shame. I dont care about glitches in the editor.. thats fine because of the power I'm getting from this plugin.. but glitches on the live website.. NOPE CYA! Great video tho. Thanks for taking the time

  12. The tutorial is good, however, found in some pages and in some sliders that I can download, elements like logos with link or description of the slider, but I can not find where this is modified since they do not appear in the layers. If you could help me in that …

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