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What’s up guys? Lazy Money UK here.

In this video I’m going to update you on my experience making a website to make money, and review the Premium and Business hosting plans provided by WordPress.

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The next logical step in my money-making mission is to create a website, allowing me to upscale my passive income from both referral schemes and advertising.

Unfortunately, I have no skills, knowledge or experience whatsoever when it comes to web development.

When I researched available hosting plans, I began to suspect that inexperienced individuals were at risk of being ripped off, by being overcharged for services which can be sourced elsewhere for less.

On the other hand, I also just wanted an all-in-one website creation solution from a single provider, which included the domain name, hosting and software. appeared to be offering this at first, but choosing them proved to be a huge mistake.

If you’re a total beginner like I am, you might not understand the difference between and Well I found out the hard way.

Basically, the option means they are hosting your website. The option lets you get WordPress software for free so you can use it with a hosting provider of your choice (many hosting companies have a one-click WordPress install feature meaning you don’t even need to download WordPress yourself).

The personal hosting provided by is severely overpriced compared to their competitors, and is lacking in essential features unless you pay even higher amounts of money to upgrade.

For example, you are not allowed to install important WordPress plugins when paying for their “Premium” hosting plan, which are required for intuitive drag-and-drop website creation. This is a disgrace, not just because other hosting providers allow use of plugins at all levels, but also because there are plugins on WordPress which are intended to be free by their creators. Not having access to plugins renders WordPress pretty much useless for beginners, because the interface is too complicated. hosting also forces you to display WordPress branding, in the form of a watermark in the footer of your website. Only when you upgrade to the Business plan are you allowed to remove this.

It would have been so expensive for me to upgrade to the Business plan, that it actually worked out cheaper to buy a second year of hosting elsewhere, and transfer my free domain name over to the new provider. This was still the case even after I bought an Elementor Pro plugin subscription to make website creation easier.

Now that my website is finally live, my next goal is to qualify for Google AdSense, so I can receive passive income when visitors view my content. For now, I might be able to achieve monetisation faster by promoting referral schemes like Swagbucks and Peer2Profit.

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  1. That's great that you got a new site man I'm looking forward to it. A few things I wanted to mention is that the we are8 site is no longer offering paid videos. Although I have received payment I haven't received a paid video in over 2 weeks. Also in regards to your daily games Reddit there are a few more free daily options on gambling sites etc that would be useful to mention.

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